Stand out at festivals, clubs, conventions, raves, and cosplay events.

Full-Color RGB LED hoodies

We don't use the cheap single-color LEDs. Our LED clothing line features RGB LEDs so that each LED can represent any color.

Express your individuality with controllable colors and patterns!

You control the glow! An included remote allows you to chose the colors and patterns of the LEDs. Experiment with over 300 light patterns and a full spectrum of color to find the perfect fit for you.

Light up all night

We include one (1) USB battery to power your hoodie, but you may use any USB battery* to party through the daylight hours. Yes, you can use your cell phone charger battery to power your hoodie!

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  • How it all began

    MUSIC FESTIVALS! My wife, Kristen, and I have been going to music festivals together for 10 years now. It’s our thing. Sometimes we go to see some of our favorite bands, and sometimes we go because the festival experience rocks and we go to that same festival every year. We have traveled all over the […]

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Full-Color RGB LED Spiked Hoodie

The Dinosaur

Color LED Spiked Dinosaur Hoodie

Is it a raving dinosaur? Is it a magical dragon? You decide... Our signature piece, the Color LED Spiked Hoodie features ten (10) glowing plush spikes [or seven (7) for child sizes] with a rainbow of controllable colors and 100s of patterns. LEDs are full RGB and a wireless remote is included. The hoodie is made of cotton and is light-weight. We currently have it in black.


The Unicorn

LED Unicorn-Horned Hoodie with Light-Up Fur Mane

Holy magical ponies! Our Color LED Unicorn Hoodie features a large lighted unicorn horn and a furry glowing mane lining the back. Full-color RGB LEDs power the horn and the mane. Just like our other hoodies, you control the LED colors and patterns with an included wireless remote. We currently have this baby in white and have both adult and kids' sizes.


Full-color RGB LED Unicorn Hoodie