How it all began


Matt and Kristen enjoying a festival (close up)
My wife, Kristen, and I have been going to music festivals together for 10 years
now. It’s our thing. Sometimes we go to see some of our favorite bands, and sometimes we go because the festival experience rocks and we go to that same festival every year.

We have traveled all over the country spending three (3) to five (5) days in wonderland each time. Kristen would always comment on the crazy attire people would wear–especially at night when people would light up and glow. Being the expert crafter she is, she started making light-up wearables for us. She started by using EL wire, and every festival she would make something new.

Taking the glow further… (fiber optics)

After a while she wanted to take it to the next step so she decided to make a dress with fiber optics. She made this unbelievable dress that got mad attention whenever she wore it out.

Fiber optic dress and unicorn helmet

Kristen in the fiber optic dress and unicorn helmet!

Fiber optic dress and EL wire suspenders with LED pants

Kristen in her stunning fiber-optic dress and me wearing custom EL wire suspenders and LED pants!

The start of programmable LED wearables

Light-up Spiked Dinosaur Hoodies at Coachella

Kristen then wanted to make something just as cool for me to wear. If she was wearing the amazing fiber optic dress, I had to be dressed accordingly as well. She decided to try working with programmable LEDs.

With the help of our tech savvy friends, Jason and Myong, she went on to create the first Dinosaur Hoodie. It got its debut at Coachella 2014, and it was a big hit. Coachella’s social media team stopped us for pictures, and we made it onto their social media pages.

We were stopped and told many times we need to sell these. Jason and Myong spent a lot of time and energy on the original hoodie. They also saw the potential of Kristen’s designs and how their skills meshed with ours, and the four of us started Desert Glow Apparel. The Dino Hoodie became our signature piece. The Unicorn Hoodie followed soon after. Desert Glow Apparel is in its infancy and we have new designs coming on the horizon, as we continue to build the brand in these first years.