About Us

Here at Desert Glow Apparel we are commited to bringimg you unique designs and products for your festival experience and beyond.

Hi my name is Matt and I am from Desert Glow Apparel.For years my Wife, Kristen and I would go to music festivals and wear clothes and accesories that were lit up, these items would be made and designed by  Kristen. We would always recieve great positive feedback, that inspired her to make new designs. For Coachella in 2015 she wanted to do something different, she got intrested in Arduinos and how they work with LEDs, with the help of our tech savy friends, Jason and Myong she designed and made the dino hoodie.  At Coachella the response we got was amazing everyone wanted one and it left no doubt in our minds we needed to share her designs with the world. Jason and Myong were sold on the idea as well and the four of us worked hard to develop and start Desert Glow Apparel.

We start here and now with that same design, The dino hoodie. Our signature piece.

 In the future we will bring you more great light up clothing and accesories, as well as kid sizes. Please come back and visit us to see what new designs we come up with next. Such as our unicorn hoodie that is being developed now.