Add a child princess, throw in some rainbows, sprinkle in some fairy dust, and voila! Your child can be the brightest light-up unicorn in the world! Our exclusive Full-color RGB LED Unicorn Hoodie now comes in princess sizes.

The hoodie is made from white cotton with a zipper front. The unicorn horn lights up as well as the furry mane. The pre-programmed lighting patterns and color are controllable from an included RF remote. Includes one USB battery to power the LEDs and one watch battery to power the remote. You can charge the USB battery with any micro USB cable/phone charger. Also use any rechargeable USB battery pack that you may already have to power the hoodie, or buy more from us.

NOTE: No unicorns were harmed in making of this product. Guaranteed Unicorn-Safe!

What's Included:

  • 1 magical Desert Glow Apparel Unicorn Child's hoodie
  • 1 USB Battery (can be charged with any micro USB cable; 6 inch cable included)
  • 1 wireless RF Remote (includes watch battery).

Care Instructions

  1. Remove/disconnect battery pack and remote.
  2. Spot clean as needed with water and mild clothing detergent.
  3. Allow to dry completely before using again. Do not use or operate when wet!
Never put your item in the dryer!


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Color Light Up LED Unicorn Hoodie - Child White

  • $90.00

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